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Paper Development and Production

CannaWraps is only one example of the paper we can produce. Although we specialize in hemp based papers, we have the capability to produce a wide variety of paper types to suit your needs. At our US based paper plant, we have the resources to develop an expansive range of unique products. From packaging to placemats, the possibilities of paper are only limited by the imagination.


Dank's Industries provides a full service, industrial paper-making experience. Even if you've never made paper before, rest assured, we will help guide your project from concept to completion. Need help sourcing the correct raw materials for your application? No problem! We can help you determine exactly what you need, find suppliers and even process the material.


Industrial paper-making is a complicated task that requires expert knowledge of both chemical and mechanical processes. Our chemists and engineers are here to help. During the development phase we do the necessary research, perform series of tests and conduct rigorous trials to achieve all the desired qualities. You will receive samples and give feedback to ensure the paper we produce is exactly what you envision before going into production phase.


The paper industry is diverse, and different products may face certain requirements. We provide all laboratory test results and official documentation for your paper to meet any criteria set forth. 






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