Custom cones are a great way to market, promote and make your brand unique. Our custom cones service offers many options, including custom lengths, angles and filter tips. You will work together with our expert design team to achieve your vision. 

Custom cones service includes:

Choice of Paper Type

Choice of Cone Length

Custom FULL COLOR Filter Tips

Bulk Packaging or Retail

Ocean/Ground Shipping

Taxes, duty, fees. ( including sample credit )



Paper Type

We offer Classic white and 100% Natural brown. Standard paper thickness in 12 -14 gsm. If you require a special paper stock, this may affect the quoted price. 

Cone Length

We offer 3 standard lengths to choose from - 84mm, 98mm, and 109mm. If you require a different length, this may affect the quoted price. 

Custom Filter Tips

Add custom graphics to your filter tips! Our design team will work with you to achieve satisfaction. Standard filter length is 26mm. If you require a different filter length, this may affect the quoted price. 

Bulk Packaging

Your cones will be packaged 800 - 1,000 / box. Each box will be blank white or brown. If you require custom graphics and/or retail packaging, this will be a separate quote. You can learn more about CUSTOM PACKAGING Here.

Ocean/Ground Shipping

Ocean Shipping (6-8 weeks*) is included in your price. From completion at the factory, to delivery at your door. If you wish to expedite shipping by AIR ( 1-2 wks ) the difference in shipping cost will be added to your quote. 

Taxes, Duty, Fees

Duty, FDA clearance, Customs and other import charges are already included in your price. 

You must provide a copy of your valid sellers permit. If you do not have a resell number, one can be easily obtained for little or no charge from your state's tax agency. If you do not provide this, 12% will be added to your total invoice.

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