Cannabis the Cancer Cure

January 13, 2017



Most people are familiar, at least anecdotally, with many of the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis in treating many common ailments.  From treating nausea and pain, to improving appetite and sleep, the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis have inspired more than half the States in the US (28 to be exact) to institute Medical Marijuana Laws.

One of the lesser known benefits of Cannabis is it’s ability to hinder and / or arrest tumor growth, and even cause tumors to “self destruct” entirely.

Cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment in of 9 types of cancer, those affecting the brain, breast, lung, prostate, blood, liver, pancreas, mouth and throat, and colon, more studies are likely to demonstrate that Cannabis is effective in combatting many more types of cancer (along with other illnesses) in the very near future.

Read the full article from DeepHemp here:

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Cannabis the Cancer Cure

January 13, 2017

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