January 21, 2017



Everyone is aware of the therapeutic benefits of Cannabinoids in their decarboxylated form, but often overlooked are the nutritional benefits of the raw cannabinoid acids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant, which, while not being psychoactive in their unadulterated state, are certainly not without merit.

THCa, the raw cannabinoid acid in its pre-decarboxylated form has numerous therapeutic benefits, including being an excellent treatment for inflammation, as well as conditions such as autism, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and more.   Some actually suggest that deficiencies in cannabinoid levels in the human body might even be at the root for many common ailments.

The testimonies of individuals who have treated their ailments naturopathically with raw cannabis are truly astonishing.

Want to learn more? Read the original article from High Times




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