February 4, 2017

In recent years, the revolution that began with “earwax” has seen extracts explode onto the smoking scene, with “dabbing” becoming a now ubiquitous part of the stoner lexicon, and 710 steadily gaining on 420 as a universal theme in stoner life.

However, not everyone is psyched to potentially introduce the chemical solvents typically used to make extracts into their body, solvents which are present to varying degrees in various extracts, depending on who is doing the extracting (too many of us have already taken a toke, and been left with the bitter chemical aftertaste of butane).

Making extracts using the most common solvents is also extremely dangerous, and has bolstered the reputation that extraction endeavors have gained as being as dangerous as meth labs.

In the beginning, there were relatively few solventless options for dabbers, but that is no longer the case, as new solvent-free methods that utilize heat, pressure, light, and even extreme cold are gaining popularity; so there is no need to succumb to the use of dangerous and unhealthy chemicals in order to get your dab on.

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