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March 19, 2017


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Everyone is familiar with the Guinness Book of World Records, wherein one may find documented such distinguished achievements as “World’s Fattest Twins,” “Worlds Biggest Cheesecake,” and, of course “Longest Fingernails.”


Such facts might be novel, and even entertaining, but what about the IMPORTANT records, the ones that really make a difference in our lives? Records such as “Most Joint Smoked by a Human Being” and “Largest Dab Ever.”


Fear not true believers, because Herb.co has assembled a list of 7 Weed World Records. So, if you ever wanted to know what the strongest strain ever is, or where the largest grow op exists, just click here to read the article, and check out these 7 achievements which very well may be among the most important ever in the history of mankind.


Enjoy …





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