March 31, 2017



More and more, people are learning to recognize the value and effects of the other cannabinoids found in Cannabis.  CBD is the best known of these cannabinoids, aside from THC itself.  New information is shedding some light on the effects of another cannabinoid, THCv, and you may be surprised.

Cannabis has always been associated with “the munchies,” that effect by which one finds oneself eating an entire pizza, which somehow tastes like it came from God’s kitchen; an effect which has cemented Cannabis as a miracle medication for treating appetite disorders, including those associated with AIDS and chemotherapy.   

However, this same effect makes some leary of indulging, for fears of gaining weight.  Lo and behold, THCv  has actually been shown to be an appetite SUPPRESSANT (that’s right, THCv makes you LESS hungry!).  THCv is also credited with enhancing THC and lending it’s own, very “clear headed” psychoactive properties to the mix.

THCv has recently been isolated and extracted for the first time by Teewinot Life Science, and this extraction is extremely important, as THCv It is not very prevalent in most strains (though strains of African origin such as Durban Poison, Dougs Varic, and Purple Purps, do contain minimal amounts of THCv).

This new discovery opens up a host of new possibilities for the medical use of Cannabis, and may prove to be truly revolutionary.  As more and more becomes known about the various compounds found naturally in Cannabis, and they way they interact with one another, consumers and patients will be able to better tailor their selection to the desired effect, making Cannabis even better for any purpose, be that recreation or medication.

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